Reorganisation costs23.8
Profit on disposal of businesses(3.8)
Acquisition costs0.6

Reorganisation costs of £nil (2015: £23.8m) relate to restructuring initiatives in Europe, Brazil, USA and India. These charges have been driven by the fall in global oil prices along with widespread weakness in industrial production, both of which have coincided to cause a notable fall in demand for many types of industrial equipment and machinery, affecting a number of plants.

Reorganisation costs in 2015 include £11.9m of net restructuring charges and £2.4m of net restructuring environmental charges, together with asset impairments amounting to £9.5m (see note 3).

Bodycote Brazil was sold on 25 September 2015 and Bodycote India was sold on 11 September 2015. Further details are disclosed in note 26.

Acquisition costs of £0.6m (2015: £nil) were expensed in the year.