Current taxation – charge for the year24.922.3
Current taxation – adjustments in respect of previous years2.2(0.1)
Deferred tax (see note 20)(2.2)(3.4)

The Group has chosen to use a weighted average country tax rate rather than the UK tax rate for the reconciliation of the charge for the year to the profit before taxation per the consolidated income statement. The Group operates in several jurisdictions, many of which have a tax rate in excess of the UK tax rate. As such, a weighted average country tax rate is believed to provide the most meaningful information to the users of the financial statements. The appropriate tax rate for this comparison is 32.36% (2015: 35.75%).

The charge for the year can be reconciled to the profit before taxation per the consolidated income statement as follows:

Profit before taxation91.975.0
Tax at the weighted average country tax rate of 32.36% (2015: 35.75%)29.726.8
Tax effect of expenses not deductible in determining taxable profit1(0.2)(0.8)
Non-recognition of current year timing differences20.50.2
Effect of long-term capital financing3(1.0)(1.5)
Tax effect of other adjustments in respect of previous years:
Current tax2.2
Deferred tax(0.6)0.2
Deferred tax impact of derecognising assets, including losses21.6(1.8)
Effect of financing activities between jurisdictions3(7.2)(5.4)
Impact of trade and minimum corporate taxes1.11.0
Effect of changes in statutory tax rates on deferred tax assets and liabilities(1.2)0.1
Tax expense for the year24.918.8

Tax on items taken directly to equity is a credit of £1.0m (2015: £0.2m).

Tax on exceptional items and amortisation of acquired intangible fixed assets is £1.8m (2015: £5.4m).

  1. Those costs in various territories not deductible in calculating taxable profits.
  2. The most significant item relates to the non-recognition of tax losses on the balance sheet.
  3. The Group is externally financed by a mix of cash flows from operations, short-term borrowings, long-term loans and finance leases. Internally, operating subsidiaries are predominantly financed via intercompany loans.