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Brake Discs

Vehicles are exposed to environmental elements which cause corrosion, such as snow, ice, road salt, and acid rain. The Ferritic Nitrocarburising (FNC) process makes it easier to maintain clean brakes, important for safety critical components. Bodycote's FNC treatment strengthens the surface providing optimal corrosion protection and wear.

Iron sand castings

The brake rotors begin life as iron sand castings.

Stress release process

The parts are stress relieved to eliminate stress introduced in the casting process.

Finish machined

The braking surfaces are finish machined.

Courtesy of Brembo S.p.A.

Brake rotors

Brake rotors are treated in Bodycote's proprietary FNC furnaces. In a nitrogen enriched atmosphere, the rotor surfaces are hardened and strengthened.

Core hardness

The parts are inspected and tested for core hardness. After this, the parts are painted and assembled into the brake systems.

Wheel rim

End application - Car or light truck.

Bodycote component journeys

This is just one example of how Bodycote brings together the huge wealth of knowledge and expertise from across the Group to provide the vital engineering services our customers need.

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